Most Loved Three Perennials

Posted by Tammy Sons on 17th Aug 2015

Three Most Beloved Perennials

Perennials are a special breed of flowers. They are by far the backbone of flower gardens and landscaping and provide wonderful color and beauty and enhance other flowers and plants that surround them.

The top three most favorite perennials by avid gardeners are virginia blue bells, trilliums and blue lobelia. Any or all of these perennials will may any gardener look like a professional as they add beauty and color to any type of landscaping.

Virginia blue bells can reach up to 2 feet tall and have delicate, bell-shaped flowers that are mainly pollinated by butterflies, but begin with tiny pink buds, and their leaves are round in shape and a grayish-green color, enhancing the beauty of these spectacular flowers. They are also known as the Virginia cowslip. Many gardeners prefer to grow these along the side of a house or garage giving the appearance of a pretty country cottage feeling and making the atmosphere very relaxing to come home to! Too much rain, however, and they don't do too well. They need well-draining soil for the best results.

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Trilliums are another perennial favorite. They come in six different colors, which are pink, red, purple, green, white and yellow. There are three large leaves which surround this pretty flower and the flower itself is made of up three pedals and three septals, giving it the nickname of the "trinity flower". Picking some parts off of the trilliums can kill it and also there are a few laws that prohibit the picking of these articulate flowers. They also serve as the official flower of the Canadian province of Ontario.

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Blue and Red lobelia are stunning. They grow best in the front of a flower garden or as a border. Just looking at these beauties will make you smile! They will grow up to a foot in length and a width of a foot as well. Blue lobelia are a bluish-purple cascading flower that also will enhance any flower box. These flowers will attract hummingbirds so if hummingbird-watching is a hobby of yours, these definitely will fit the bill. They need adequate water and won't do well in drought conditions and they do have some poisonous parts. Black eyed susan are also good growers. 

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In summary, all of any of these perenials will make for a spectacular array of color and beauty to landscaping, flower boxes or a flower garden. They are relatively easy to care for and will make any home shine with grace and beauty.