North Korea, The Sound Of Insanity

Posted by Trees-Plants Nursery on 6th Jul 2017

This nerd of a dude from North Korea is about as looney as Bugs Bunny. He's shooting missiles and going over and beyond any form of sanity despite the numerous warning from POTUS. He looks in age to be about 22 years old and has the brains of a 7 year old. He shoots missles like he's playing with Tonka toys. Why on earth doesnt the people of North Korea impeach him before the United States as well as the other super powers of the world nukes him.

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he has been quoted as a major hater of America. After all, this is such a secretive country, why on earth doesn't he realize he will be floating with Bin Laden if he doesn't stop his insane antics. I don't think Trump will allow this much longer with out retalliation. After all, Trumps' been know to pull the plug on people close to him, he'd sure up the antie on this clown.

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After tons of bogus missle fails and tricks, he finally had one that would reach near Alaska and everyone knows that Alaska to Washington is a mere 3000 miles. What on earth is this insane dude thinking? 2265 miles on a plane would be a 6 hour journey. from Ankorage to Seattle Washington. This is getting too close to home folks.