Privet Shrubs Makes Excellent Privacy Hedges

Posted by Tammy Sons on 21st Aug 2015

Providing a reliable source of lush green color in your garden in every season, evergreen shrubs are versatile plants that you can use for a variety of landscape applications. Covered densely in leaves from the ground up, they make ideal privacy borders and noise barriers. In areas where the wind blows from a predictable direction, they can serve as verdant wind breaks as well. With regular pruning, evergreen shrubs are perfect for creating formal hedges. Left alone, they'll grow into bushy plants that add a natural look to your garden.

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When it comes to formal hedges used for privacy borders, boxwood shrubs are among the most popular choices of evergreen shrubbery. The small-leafed plants can be heavily trimmed, making them a good choice for edging borders for paths and flower beds too. Boxwood shrubs are often trimmed to form topiary shapes as well. With regular pruning, slow-growing boxwood shrubs can retain their shape indefinitely.

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Privet shrubs are another popular type of evergreen shrubs. A member of the olive family of plants, privet shrubs are widely used for privacy hedging. When pruned and trimmed regularly, the fast-growing plants can grow into tall, dense living walls. They provide an all-green background that makes them perfect for showcasing a garden focal point or a bed of blooming flowers.

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Both privet and boxwood plants have been enjoyed in gardens for centuries. Whether you're searching for shrubs to create a formal hedge, privacy screen or noise barrier, these time-proven evergreen choices are sure to please.

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