Serviceberry tree

Posted by Trees-Plants on 2nd Oct 2014

The Serviceberry is a slow grower, only about a foot per year, it is worth the wait! It enjoys environments that provide full sunlight, partial sunlight or shaded areas. It will do well no matter where you plant it. This tree will produce beautiful white blooms with five petals each that will cover the entire tree. These will bloom highlighted by the dark green foliage that this tree brings forth. Some say this shows a sign of spring. These flowers and color will last throughout the spring and summer months of the year. 

As fall approaches prepare to be amazed at the display of yellows, reds and oranges which this tree will have. It will be something spectacular to behold. In the winter, the bark on this tree will be a show of its own with its silvery coloration. This tree also produces fruit after the flowers have completed their blooming period. It turns very dark purple and can be eaten raw or cooked. These trees would look amazing lining your walkways or driveway and will give a welcoming feel to your home. They also look good all on their own, and you can create a showpiece anywhere on your landscape with this tree. They will bring all sorts of wildlife including birds and squirrels to the area and will be a staple in your yard. When you want a tree that will never disappoint, make sure to try the Serviceberry.