Shrubs Are The  Backbone in Fine Gardening

Shrubs Are The Backbone in Fine Gardening

Posted by Tammy Sons on 26th Oct 2017

Shrubs Are The Backbone In Fine Gardening

Consistent plants and shrubs are the backbone of any great lawn and garden. Don’t take a gamble when choosing plants and shrubs for your landscape, pick ones that are known to be low maintenance and dependable. Living in most parts of the country, the winters can be cold and the summers humid and hot, you need something that is durable and can withstand the climate where you live.

The boxwood is one shrub that has always been popular for several zones. The prevalent green color is attractive and brings color to the yard all winter long. There are actually 70 diverse species in the boxwood family and something for every landscape. They are known for their appearance, hence their name “box” meaning square. They can be trimmed in different shapes and are often used when businesses want to design something unique in their lawn. Some companies have even used them to spell out words, like their company name in hedges.

Always buy wisely and plan ahead for a beautiful yet smart garden. Impulsive purchases usually end in regret. Shopping at an online nursery is a great way to select the right shrubs. Not only can the plants be delivered to your door, no mess in the car, but buying online allows you to research the plant first. Take for instance the Limelight Hydrangea, these shrubs can grow up to 10 feet tall. You wouldn’t want that shrub in your entryway. You may not have known that they grew so large had you bought on impulse. Those who have a yard with no fence may like to play some Limelight Hydrangea shrubs for privacy.

There are many plants that bloom well, but they don’t have the ability to look good year round. Some bloom in certain seasons and still have desirable characteristics no matter the season. One such plant is the Nandina. In the winter they have a stunning red fire appearance. This evergreen shrub has the ability to reach 7 feet in height. When looking at various shrubs for sale, it is easy to see that the Nandina is eye candy for the yard. They came from Asia and Japan and have a rich history that adds to their lush appearance.

When looking for shrubs for sale at an online nursery, be careful to pay attention to plants that are best for shady areas and those that can handle the full sun. While some people may look for fragrance and colorful blooms, these are not always the best choices for year round appeal. By mixing and matching several shrub varieties, the landscape can be beautiful any time of year.