The Beauty Of ​White Hibiscus

The Beauty Of ​White Hibiscus

Posted by Tammy Sons on 4th Dec 2017

White Hibiscus

The White Hibiscus is of Asian origin and has a very delicate tropical appeal. It is grown in tropical and subtropical climates. It has white flowers and green leaves and can grow up to 12 inches tall. Hibiscus plants may be annual and perennial herbaceous plants, as their leaves fall off and then grow again from their seed. Their flowers are 2-5 inches wide and are trumpet-shaped with 5-6 petals. The White Hibiscus symbolizes purity and fertilization. The hibiscus plant needs to grow in well-drained soil, so a pot with holes for drainage works best. Proper fertilization is essential and should be the lowest nitrogen level fertilizer that can be found. There are hundreds of different kinds of hibiscus plants and five different shapes of White Hibiscus; they include, mutable hibiscus, tritium hibiscus, schizopetalus hibiscus, arnottianus hibiscus and moscheutos hibiscus. This beautiful plant is often found at both weddings and funerals, as their beauty gives a sense of purity, innocence, and peace. Buy from a reputable online nursery.

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Family- Malvaceae

Zones- 9-10

Mature Height- 10-12 inches

Mature Width- each flower is 2-5 inches wide.

Growth/year- 10-12 inches

Sunlight- Full Sunlight

Soil conditions- Moist, but well-drained