​The Many Advantages of Planting Ferns

Posted by Tammy Sons on 23rd Nov 2015

Ferns are one of the easiest plants to grow indoors or outdoors. When placed in good air circulation they definitely contribute to clean air. Ferns pull odors and chemical impurities out of the air. 

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Cinnamon ferns offer vivid color. They grow two to three feet tall. If extra moisture is provided, they will grow in full sun. Cinnamon ferns can grow in wet or even saturated soil. The leaf-like stems or fronds are often eaten by small animals. This type of fern is valuable to the ecosystem. They provide cover for small animals, birds and insects.

Lady ferns are common houseplants. These originated in the Victorian Era. It is a deciduous, perennial plant. Perennial plants last from year to year. These ferns usually range from twenty-four to thirty-six inches tall. The bright green fronds grow up to thirty inches long and six to nine inches wide. They can survive in cold, harsh climates. Lady ferns, however, require a lot of moisture to thrive. The fiddleheads are comprised of the arched fronds or compound leaf.

The Christmas fern stays green all winter long, adding color to your garden year-round. Often given at Christmas, that is where it gets its name. They propagate best in partial shade. Christmas ferns, however will tolerate direct sunlight, if soil is kept moist. Dividing the roots into several plants in the spring and planted just below the soil line sets the stage for a colorful garden. Pests are usually not a problem for Christmas ferns. Christmas ferns planted in masses are often used for erosion control.

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Native ferns are ferns that are natural in a certain areas of the world. Some of these ferns are ground cover ferns which, given the right care and conditions, thrive well. Native ferns are quite hardy. Native ferns in your garden such as the British species have ecological value and give a home to endangered plants.

Ostrich ferns add beauty and drama to a shade garden. It is a native fern, producing bright green, deciduous fronds. What makes ostrich ferns so ornamental are its vibrant color and the fronds arch like an ostrich feather. It grows four to six feet in height. Ostrich ferns can grow in full sun with constant moisture.

Growing ferns is eco-friendly. The beauty of a fern as well as cleansing the air is reason enough to add this lovely plant to your home or garden.

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