​TN Nursery Hurricane Sandy Disaster Help

Posted by Tammy Sons on 14th Sep 2016

From the start of civilization, trees have been seen as a form of growth. For example, when a baby is born the mother and father often plant a tree so that as the baby goes from being a baby to being an adult the tree will grow with them. Trees are also associated with places for other families to grow. These include birds, squirrels, and insects all make their homes in trees to help them grow and multiply. 

On the other end of the spectrum unlike trees, hurricanes are symbols of destruction. Wind, rain and hail pound homes and business as storm surge charges up and over the break walls. Offshoots of hurricanes, flooding and tornadoes can rake up even more damage. While the United States seldom gets hurricanes that are truly monstrous, the ones that are truly leave their mark on the people of this country.

The last truly big hurricane to hit the United States was Hurricane Katrina in 2006. However six years later, another storm would come to cause a similar amount of damage, though this time the storm was to attack the Northeast and not the Gulf Coast.

This Hurricane was called Hurricane Sandy and she struck two days before Halloween. Sandy was the culmination of every bad thing that could increase a storms power all meeting at once , thus giving Sandy the nickname “Frankenstorm.” Hurricane Sandy caused a whole lot of damage from North Carolina to Maine, but the areas hit the hardest were New York and New Jersey. Subways were flooded, power was knocked out, even Wall Street was shut down for two days, the last time that happened was back in the 1880s. Even now people are trying to get their lives back on track, made even by harder by basic things such as regular operating Mass Transit, Plumbing, and Electricity not operational.

In response to the monstrosity of Hurricane Sandy many companies and private businesses are doing everything that they can in order to help get those individuals who were affected by Hurricane Sandy to get back on their feet quicker. Be it beverage companies shutting down a product line in order to make canned water to insure that people have something safe to drink where there is no running water to laundry detergent companies providing operating washing and drying machines in order for people to have a place to go wash their clothes, people are pouring out help in droves.

One company that wants to help in this recovery effort is TN Tree Nursery.  TN Tree Nursery is a tree nursery located in Altamont, Tennessee and they want to help the people who have been affected by Hurricane Sandy by providing them with a tree. This tree will be helpful as being able to be a symbol for people to know that every cloud has a silver lining and that with this tree they will watch it grow and realize that good came from the disaster.  

This hurricane did a lot of damage and we probably will be working on recovering from it for a while. We all need to pitch together and help rebuild. It is good that companies like TN Tree Nursery are willing to help donate their resources in order to help in the rebuilding efforts and that hopefully we will be able to have trees once again reaching to the sky.