White Dogwood trees

Posted by Trees Plants on 3rd Oct 2014

It's a tree is common in the eastern part of the United States and is known well in the southern states. It is a very popular ornamental tree and will give you yard a spectacular display of color and life throughout the year. Spring and summer of the year, this tree will produce beautiful white clusters of flowers that are highlighted by lush green leaves making it a much-desired tree for most gardeners and homeowners alike. When fall approaches, these flowers and leaves will be replaced by the most beautiful display of bright red foliage.

It will signal that fall is here and all the joys that come with it. This tree will have produced red berries that many wildlife creatures will find suitable for their needs. These animals include birds and squirrels. The flowers are more leaf-like in their nature and are called bracts instead of petals. These bracts are what attracts bees and other pollinating insects to the tree. Although they bloom white, many cultivars have created varieties that also bloom red and pink colors. This tree will either be a single or multi-trunk tree depending on growth and is commonly found in woodland areas. It will look amazing lining your driveway or walkways at your home and will be inviting to your guests. Some pruning might be required, and this should be done after the blooming period and for the overall health of the tree. The White Dogwood is hard to beat for the color and life it will bring to your landscape all year long.