World's Fastest Growing Trees

World's Fastest Growing Trees

Posted by Trees- Plants Nursery on 26th Mar 2014

Maples & Other Fastest Growing Trees

Nowadays, people want fast results and even in their choice of trees they prefer to grow the fastest growing trees. These trees especially the maple trees, empress trees and poplar trees are becoming more and more popular among homeowners as they want to see the beauty of their landscape sooner as these trees mature.

Fastest growing trees, as their name implies, grow faster than any other typical tree. They are grown for several purposes such for wood, esthetic, fruit or blossom. Fastest growing trees create positive social ambience, improve the quality of the air we breathe, and become great adornments for our gardens, squares and streets. With proper and adequate nutrients, sunlight, water and temperature, these trees can grow fast year after year. If you might want to grow these trees, here are some information about the empress trees, maple trees and poplar trees:

Red Maple Trees

Maple trees have winged fruits and lobed leaves. These trees provide colorful foliage during autumn. In countries such as Japan and Korea, they have the leaf-watching traditions wherein they customarily view the maples as their leaves change color. Maple trees are specially grown for their syrupy sap, timber or ornamental purposes. They are popularly used to make a bonsai, as well.

Maples usually grow from 10 meters to 45 meters in height. They are extensively chosen by municipalities, businesses and homeowners as ornaments. Maple trees relatively grow fast and are easy to transplant. Furthermore, their seeds are not hard, so they do not contribute any problem when it comes to mowing lawns.

Empress Trees

These fastest growing trees are widely planted for ornamentation in the USA. They can grow from 10 meters to 25 meters tall. They have five-lobed and heart shaped leaves. The empress trees can grow in any soil type and are not easily affected by pollution. Their roots are strong and can prevent soil erosion. Their leaves that are rich in nitrogen can be used as fodder.

The empress trees are mostly favored as ornamental trees in gardens and parks. These are the trees that are perfect for modern-style gardens that use “architectural” and large-foliaged plants.

Poplar Trees

Poplars are the fastest growing trees that thrive in the northern temperate regions. Poplar trees are particularly known for growing very fast and big. They are extensively planted in shelterbelts. These trees are primarily grown for pulpwood and timber. Poplars are converted to hardwood timber to be used for cheap plywood and pallets. For its exceptional flexibility, poplar wood can be used as a material for drums and electric guitars. The bark of poplars is used for tanning. Poplar trees are also used for manufacturing paper.  

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