​Yellow Pine

​Yellow Pine

Posted by Tammy Sons on 3rd Apr 2018

Yellow Pine

Yellow pine is a durable, versatile wood species. It is mainly under usage by the building professionals and the private builders who do the construction process by themselves. Yellow pine thrives mostly in clay soil. It is friendly to the environment and is a preferred wood species for the local economies.

Yellow pine is naturally beautiful. Its wood grain has a pattern and a color which is golden hence providing a look of high quality and visual interest. The Yellow Pine’s beauty is what makes it the best wood to be in consideration for use during decking and several other projects of construction.

Being among the wood species that thrive in the clay soil, Yellow Pine is available in abundance leading to its competitive pricing by the vendors. Yellow Pine’s incredible strength enables the builders to use less wood in accomplishing a larger portion of the construction process.

Yellow Pine has got a very high density making it one of the strongest types of softwood among the structural lumber species. The strength due to the thickness makes the Yellow Pine one of the woods with the ability to bear the load capacity and fasten the holding ability.

Yellow pine is an excellent source of the pulp; hence it is suitable for use in the paper mills. Many people grow Yellow Pine plantations so that they can sell them to the paper mills to be under use in the manufacture of the pulp. Currently, Yellow Pine is under utilization in flooring, especially for the wooden floors.

Yellow pine is easier to work with since its processing is very easier, unlike other pine varieties. Environmentally, growing of the Yellow Pine is a great benefit since it helps in the establishment of the ecosystem by improving the quality of the water and reducing the soil erosion. Eventually, growing the Yellow Pine is one way of healing the devastated environment.