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Bluets Quaker Ladies are dainty blue four-petaled wildflowers with yellow centers. It has slender 3-8 inch tall stems.

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 The Advantages Of Planting Bluets

Bluets - Houstonia caerulea


Bluets are a perennial herb with beautiful blue flowers. They make an attractive and delicate addition to any garden or lawn. They grow in dense patches from 6-12 inches tall. Their small flowers are only about 1 cm wide with four light pinks, blue, or white petals surrounding a bright yellow center. These cute little flowers sit atop thin flexible stems with spatula-shaped leaves. Each stem produces only a single tubular flower, at the bottom of which rests the yellow center with the pollen. Bluets flower two years after planting, often into a beautiful shade of sky blue, from which their name is taken. Commonly referred to as "Innocence" or "Quaker Ladies," these flowers are often found in eastern Canada, as well as the Southeastern United States. They are easily transplanted, simple to grow, and make a lovely addition to any lawn. These beautiful wildflowers are one of the most aesthetically pleasing flowers growing throughout the woodlands of North America. They become best in Hardy Zones 4-8. They grow to a mature height of 1 ft., but they often never reach higher than 6 inches. They require moist soils, and the increase best situated among grasses in lawns and fields. However, if they're grown alongside grass, it's important not to mow down the Bluets before they have a proper chance to set seed.
Bluets seeds should be sown at a shallow depth in the spring. Germination will occur one year after planting, and flowering will happen after two. These flowers are an excellent choice for beginner gardeners, as they're very easy to grow and can even survive at or near-freezing temperatures. These hardy woodland flowers are a beautiful and delicate touch to any garden or forest landscape. The sky blue flowers also make an excellent addition to floral arrangements.

Bluets are a lovely plant that supplies a beautiful blanket of color as it is in bloom. These tiny flowers can light up a garden with bright color and also provide gorgeous green small leaves. The blooms appear in clusters and have a heavenly shade of blue of a light violet color. The blooms have tiny yellow centers that stand out among the colored flowers, and they are outstanding when used as a ground cover.

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