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Boston Fern

Boston Fern

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Boston Fern
The Boston Fern has been adorning front porches and parlor rooms since the Victorian Era. It is a verdant addition to the home, and it is stunning in a hanging planter, shepherd's hook or on a pedestal. Its long, frilly, arching fronds provide a beautiful silhouette to accent any room or deck. You can park it on the porch all summer, and then bring a bit of summer inside for the winter months.

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Nephrolepis exaltata (L.) Schott

USDA Climate Zone: nine through eleven

Plant Height: 1-3 feet

Plant Spread: 1-4 feet

Soil Type: Moist

Sun: Indirect

As a houseplant, the Boston fern is fairly easy to grow. It will thrive best in indirect sunlight, unlike other ferns that require more shade. Humidity is required for it grow to its fullest, so a light misting daily in the drier months is required. Since these ferns are native to sub-tropical and tropical environments, think about recreating the moisture of the rainforest floor, while light filters through the canopy from above. It can be grown outside, provided the temperatures do not drop below 45-50 degrees. It requires consistently moist soil, but it must drain well. Otherwise, it could incur root rot. It works well as a ground cover when used outside, and it will spread rapidly. It is a beautiful addition to the home or yard.