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Box Elder Live Stakes

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Latin Name- Acer Negundo Hardy Planting Zone- 3-8 Mature Height- 30-60 ft Width- 20-40 ft Sun or Shade- Full Shade


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Here's how your plants will look on arrival. All plants are dormant with no leaves or foliage.

Box Elder Stakes – Acer Negundo



The Many Attributes Of Box Elder Live Stakes In Wetland Areas
The Boxelder or Box Elder is a deciduous tree, native to North America and a member of the Maple family. At home in numerous habitats including those considered difficult to garden in soils of varying and extreme pH levels remaining flood proof for up to 30 days and drought tolerant. Supposed to be extremely fast-growing with a woody root system and easily transplanted in Zones 3-8 reaching a mature height varying between 30-80 feet, usually with a trunk diameter of 12-20 inches. Often growing several trunks, it creates an ideal fence situation while when planted alongside driveways forming a canopy of shade it is also the perfect tree for climbing and provides a home and food to many species of wildlife. Used as the windbreak for crops, this tree protects against soil erosion, important for riverbanks and streams. With pinnately compound leaves, with 3-7 leaflets it may feature single-leaflet compound leaves turning from a light translucent green to yellow color in the Fall. Plants arrive with an intact root ball and thrive when planted in full, not deep holes.
Young shoots are green with a waxy coating of a white to violet tint. Branches remain smooth, maturing to olive green in color. The bark on the trunk ranges from pale grey to a light brown color depending on the age of the tree becoming deeply cleft with distinct broad ridges. This hardy tree can reproduce in winter and can drop its leaves and fruits at that time. Female flowers are replaced by the winged samara which is approximately 1-1 ½” long and twirls to the ground in a “helicopter” motion. A notable fact is that they are the only maple tree that is dioecious, requiring female and male trees to propagate. The wind-pollinated female flowers elongate in mid-spring into drooping racemes while the male flowers have pedicels that are become long, slender and hairy.

Box Elder Stakes will make an excellent place for family picnics and to relax in the evenings after it becomes mature. The tree will make a fantastic shade tree for the entire family to enjoy. You will love the colors that it will provide your lawn during the fall months of the year. It will also give you great satisfaction during the spring and summer. These live stakes are easy to get started.