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Box Huckleberry

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Box Huckleberry - Gaylussacia Brachycera


The Box Huckleberry is a short, semi-evergreen, shrub plant native to the east-central region of the United States. Box Huckleberries are related to blueberries and other huckleberry species and are primarily used as ground cover plantings. The plants have a ground spread of two to ten feet and will grow six to eighteen inches tall. They flower in May and June, sending out clusters of very small, white, or sometimes light pink bell-shaped blossoms that are attractive to honeybees. Box Huckleberries have medium green, oval-shaped leaves that are about an inch to an inch and a half long and look similar to the leaves of the common Boxwood, hence the name "Box" Huckleberry. The foliage of the Box huckleberry seems slightly different than other Huckleberry species, and this difference makes it very easily distinguishable from them. The leaves are thick and glossy with very finely toothed margins and a leathery texture. The bright coat on the leaves will grow more pronounced over the summer. Box Huckleberries also lack the resin glands common to other huckleberry species. Around August the shrubs may produce nontoxic blue or purple colored berries if other unrelated box huckleberry plants are nearby. However, Box huckleberries are sterile plants that spread out rather than produce seeds. This species truly shines in the fall. Its leaves can turn from a beautiful reddish green all the way to a stunning deep red or scarlet color. This brilliant fall color will remain even during winter months, where the plant lends an extra dose of color to the winter landscape. Box Huckleberries perform best in hardiness zones five to seven. The plants spread readily, so space five to ten inches apart in a partially or fully shaded planting area. Water Box huckleberries lightly to moderately as they prefer dry acidic soil.


The Box Huckleberry can have many bonuses such as saving you money, bringing in wildlife into your home and much more. The box huckleberry has begun to become more and more popular over the past few years.  The berries are full of sugar and taste delicious.