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Bracken Ferns

Bracken Ferns

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- Botanical Name - Bracken Fern - Pteridium aquilinum Hardy Planting Zones - 3-10 Sun or Shade – Sun and Partial Shade Mature Height - 2-4' Mature Width - 18-24" Bloom Season – Spring Gardener Status - Beginner
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Bracken Fern - Pteridium Aquilinum


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 Each blade has an average of 3 leaflets. Ferns don't produce flowers, but instead, the undersides of the fronds contain spore-producing sori.  Bracken Ferns grow in large colonies in the woods and the presence of violets, bunchberry, and other flowers. They are also found in fields, and brushy areas and their spores are spread far and wide by wind and other natural elements. They grow into great cover, so plant these in your garden to provide a shelter for birds, rabbits, and even deer!