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Bridalwreath Spirea

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Latin Name- Spiraea Prunifolia Hardy Planting Zone- 4-9 Mature Height- 4-10 ft Width- 2-3'ft , Sun or Shade- Full Sun

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Pink Bridalwreath Spirea - Spirea x Vanhouttei

Bridal Wreath Spirea (Spiraea prunifolia) is a deciduous shrub that is upright and climbing. The plant grows to a height of 4-8'. This plant is widely known for its spring blossom of double white flowers. The flowering period of this plant is from late summer to midsummer. A medium bridal wreath shrub can be 5 to 8 feet. This tree grows best in a soil that is well-drained and alkaline. The plant is mainly found in the hardiness zones 5-9. Bridal Wreath tree does well in full sunlight. However, the plant can tolerate partial sun if let to get direct sunlight for at least six hours daily. The plant is native to China, Korea, and Japan.

The plant has flowers that are showy and are double-white arranged into groups of three to six. Flowers appear before the foliage develops. The flower blooms along with open branching. Later, small elliptic shiny dark leaves emerge beneath the flowers. The margins of the leaves have tiny grooves, and the bottom of the leaves are pubescent; covered with soft hair. The foliage of this plant always develops an eye-catching red-orange-yellow fall color.

Landscapers love the bridal wreath because of its durability and the Cascadian branches that bear remarkable white blossoms every spring giving a specific beauty to your yard. The plant can withstand any condition. When in its magnificent bloom, the tree attracts butterflies and other pollinators. You can propagate new plants using suckers or cuttings. You can as well use seeds for a species shrub. The shrub requires regular maintenance since you will have to control some branches that spread to where it is not needed. However, if you want to have a frame planting of shrubs in your yard, you can leave it to cover. Pruning of the tree should only be done when the bush stops flowering. The flowers of this plant are commonly used in floral arrangements.

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Pink Bridalwreath Spirea is a remarkable perennial that provides year-round interest. It is beloved by gardeners who prefer to add beauty and elegance without magnificent handiwork. A showstopping plant, it blooms with densely packed white flowers in the spring followed by a beautiful pallet of blue-green foliage. In the fall, Pink Bridalwreath Spirea transforms into a fiery light show of purple, orange, and yellow. Winter continues to intrigue with attention-getting arched branches. A rare single-specimen plant, this extremely hardy shrub makes a beautiful decorative statement.