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Bugle Weed

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- Ajuga - Ajuga reptans Hardy Planting Zones- 4-10 Sun or Shade – Shade, Sun Mature Height - Under 6" Mature Width- 6-18" Bloom Season – Spring, Summer Gardener Status- Beginner (Low Maintenance)

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Bugle Weed

The Bugleweed is a herb-type (herbaceous) plant with colorful leaves that work great as a groundcover. It is low maintenance, perennial plant many gardeners prefer to use as a groundcover as they also provide a splash of color with their profuse blue flower spikes. The spikes shoot out approximately six inches during the spring.
The Bugleweed will produce its flowers throughout the summer and into the fall but are the most stunning during the spring when they have been planted in mass. There are some varieties of the Bugleweed that feature variegated foliage and produce blooms in pink, white or rose. These plants will grow from six to nine inches in height and will also achieve a diameter of about the same.
These plants make terrific borders and look incredible when mixed with other perennial flowers along an edge. Some gardeners have enjoyed the eye-pleasing effect of the Bugleweed when planted along stepping stones or inside rock gardens. They make a great companion to the creeping jenny in a shady part of a lawn.
Bugleweed will grow well in moist, fertile, well-drained soil but can tolerate clay and other fewer nutrient soils. The plant does have a creeping tendency and should not be planted near areas it will not be allowed to spread. Edging placed along a border where the plant should not go does well to stop the creeping.
When the blooms have reached a deadhead stage, a lawn mower works well to remove them. The plant will propagate through its cuttings, by being divided, and its seeds. The division can be performed any time of the season and should be done about every two years, so it does not become overcrowded.
The Bugleweed is a hardy plant and not susceptible to disease or pests. It may suffer from crown rot if grown in a hot and humid environment. It also does not do well in areas with poor air circulation.

The Advantages of Planting Bugleweed Plants
Bugleweed – Ajuga reptans

This hardy mint family European native ground cover is durable, aids in controlling erosion on hills and banks thereby making it ideal for virtually all gardens. A ground-creeping evergreen it features visually appealing foliage in landscaping with broad, glossy leaves that can turn both copper and purple that retain their color year-round. A low-maintenance Herbaceous perennial hardy in Zones 3-9 reaches a mature height ranging from a half inch to three-quarters of an inch, with flowers that blossom from spring to summer in varying colors of white, blue or purple. Able to grow in the shade, this low lying plant also thrives in full sun prefers moisture but is also great for areas that occasionally deal with short dry spells. The Ajuga rarely needs any fertilization; thriving when planted with growing space of 10-15 inches apart from each other in holes just deep enough for their roots. Allowing for air circulation around the crowns with the desired spacing prevents crown rot and enables these low-maintenance plants the necessary growing area. When planting new arrivals gently loosen the root system and pack the soil around the plant, water and press the earth firmly down ridding the ground of any air pockets; Always wait until there is no danger of frost before planting these quick growers to ensure they can take root quickly. The plant will bring forth flowering stalks in spring that are approximately 3 to 6 inches in height creating a lovely carpet of blossoms. Also appealing in a container garden for those with limited space who want to add some delightful color to patios and balconies. Use well-draining organic soil, and this plant species will adapt perfectly to a potted life. Propagating via runners, you can quickly direct this self-seeding plant where you want them to grow.



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The Bugle Weed Plant is a vine that will be a striking ground cover. It is an attractive plant to have as the flowers tend to grow along the ground. This is an adamant, natural to grow a plant and does well in any type soil as long as it is wet and has excellent drainage. It does not have an intense root system but does have a taproot. These plants should be planted with several inches in between, making sure that they do have room to spread out.