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Bulrush grass

Bulrush grass

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Botanical Name:
Scirpus Americanus
Hardiness Zone:
Zone 3-9
Mature Height:
1 ft
Mature Width:
6 in
Growth Per Year:
1 ft
Light Requirement:
full sun to light shade
Soil Requirement:
moist to slightly dry
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Bulrush – Schoenoplectus Tabernaemontani


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Bulrush is a perennial. This grass will grow back year after year. The leaves will grow as long as 13 centimeters. The clusters of culm on this plant can hold anywhere from 5 to 12 spikelets. Each of the spikelets will get as long as 8 millimeters. The bulrush is very common in the southeastern part of North America.