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Burning Bush Shrub

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Climate zone: 5-7, Mature height: 3-9 ft, Sunlight: prefers full sun to partial shade, Blooming season: June-July, Soil conditions: prefers moist, well-drained soil, Botanical name: Euonymous Alatus, Ship as: Bareroot

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Burning Bush - Euonymus Alatus

For those who want some red color added to the color scheme of their garden can add a burning bush shrub to their garden borders or beds. The burning bush shrug -or as it’s also known as Euonymus alatus- is so named after the biblical burning bush due to his fiery red hue. The shrub is a native plant from the continent of Asia, but it quickly grows nearly anywhere else on other continents. This flaming shrub requires minimal garden care, so it’s perfect for those who want to have a garden that needs only small amounts of effort. The deep crimson burning bush shrub has stems that grow handfuls of pointy shaped red leaves. During the summer months of May or June, the burning bush shrub grows red berries. The burning bush shrub has hearty plantings on level 4 to 8. The fiery shrub grows to be about 9 to 15 feet in height. There are some little variations of the burning bush shrub for smaller growing spaces.

The burning bush shrub can grow in full sun or partial sun. The burning bush shrub can grow in nearly any soil type, but partially moist soil may be a preferable option for optimal plant health. You may want to keep the ground moist around your burning bush shrub during dry spells.

Caring for the burning bush shrub is not especially notable, as it is of a low difficulty level. Not much is knowing about the burning bush shrubs care because it multiplies without any care. This makes it an ideal plant for novice gardeners. At most, the fiery bush rub should be water during dry times without rain. The shrub should be pruned of dead leaves or branches. These are the only suggested gardening tips for the bush.


Burning Bush is a versatile addition to any landscape where color is desired in the fall. It is an ornamental and hardy shrub that features dark green foliage in the summer that quickly transforms into blazing reddish-purple leaves in the fall.

It is easily transplanted and adds an attractive visual appeal anywhere it grows. This bush requires little maintenance and grows well in all regions.