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Gift Certificates for Plants


Another commercial holiday is rolling around, and you’re not sure what gift to purchase. Maybe it’s Mother's Day, Secretary's Day, or even an acquaintance's birthday. Perhaps a colleague or a friend recently went out of his or her way for you, and you want to offer a small token of appreciation. It could even be that your intention is to purchase a new plant for an expert horticulturalist, but in reality you know nothing at all about plants. Gift certificates for plants can often make a great choice for friends, family, and coworkers alike. Plant gift certificates allow for your gift recipient to take a shopping adventure to a local vendor and to select either indoor or outdoor plants that are to his or her liking and level of responsibility in terms of plant care. 

Of course, gift certificates can be purchased directly from many of the larger chain stores featuring a dedicated greenhouse or gardening section. Nonetheless, these places normally do not specialize in plant sales; therefore, their inventory and knowledge may be limited. Furthermore, a superficial knowledge of plant care may affect the health of the plants for sale. As such, your gift recipient could leave the vendor with a plant of compromised health and inadequate instruction to care for it properly. 

Therefore, one of the better options for purchasing a gift certificate is to find a local nursery that specializes in plant care and sales. Typically, gift cards from local nurseries make a great choice because these vendors exist and the staff is trained specifically with plant care in mind. The employees will be able to guide clients properly in the selection of a plant. This includes informing the client of the best lighting and watering frequency to encourage plant growth in addition to any fertilizers or soil requirements that the plant may need. Your gift card recipient will certainly appreciate that you’ve selected this option. In addition to purchasing the plant(s) of his or her choice, your gift recipient will be properly educated to care for their purchase, ensuring plant health. 

So, if on any occasion you are not sure what gift to give, consider gift certificates for plants from local nurseries. Allowing the flexibility of choice will certainly put a smile on your gift recipient’s face. Likewise, this small gift will encourage him or her to develop further responsibility, a passion for plant care, and perhaps even a green thumb!