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Carpet Moss

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Carpet Moss Carpet Moss-Mnium hornum Hardy Planting Zones- N.America Sun or Shade – Full Shade Mature Height - 1"-2" Mature Width- groundcover Bloom Season – n/a Gardener Status- Beginner

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Capet Moss is a beautiful addition to any home garden

Depending from the large family of Hypnum, subclass Brydae, the Carpet Moss likely to have received its name from its physical resemblance to a carpet. Thick and dense, the green plant has many locations across the country, but the primary is found in North America along with over 75 other species of its kind. Now considered a family of the genus Ptilium, the sponge-like Moss's reproduction is a little bit different from other plants. The sexes opposites may be found in different species of the plant. While its preferred location for growth is on trees and logs in wet forests, the Carpet moss makes a magnificent decorative piece when placed added to your garden.

Custom to the wild, the Carpet Moss plant can be used for multiple applications, from decorating a wall and artificial rocks, the green Carpet Moss provides a natural nature look to your garden. The green flowering plant's soft texture made it a bedding material in the past, the Carpet Moss grows in clumps about 1 - 3.9 inches tall and prefer dark regions. This new plant comes with tiny leaves only growing about one cell in size and serving its place as a nutrient and water conductor in the ecosystem its located in.

Multiple plants resemble the Carpet Moss, such as the Lichen, Liverworts and a few others that share similar features. However, don't be fooled. The Carpet Moss can be used to absorb up to 20 times its weight, which makes it great for maintaining water control in your garden. Florist and landscape architects for these purposes. Beauty, water control, and a natural effect are just a few ways the Moss increases the liveliness of your garden. The Moss applications are endless, but is a must for assisting with keeping your garden balanced and well nourished. The Carpet Moss comes with its roots in perfect condition and ready to be planted in your desired location.

Carpet moss comes sent in sheets. These sheets can be broken up and laid down to grow, or they can be split up into smaller sections which can allow them to go around a form, column or shape. When planting them, it is best to moist the ground where one will be laying them first then laying down the moss this will allow the roots to start forming. Can be seen growing along woods, walkways, and areas with lots of shade. Many florists love this kind of species because they can help make flowers look extra lovely with the greenery.