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Chicken Manure Compost – 1 Gallon Bag

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Chicken Manure Compost Benefits

Chicken manure is a prime source of plant nutrients and can be a cheaper alternative to purchasing manure if you already have chickens. Chicken compost manure can return more of the nutrients to the soil because of chicken consume mainly a plant-based diet. This will improve the production of your fruits, vegetables, or plants. Chickens offer the pest control feature because of their natural presence and provide their manure as fertilizer. However, there is a tradeoff, more sanitation, and care to prevent contamination of the crops.
The essential macronutrients that chicken manure provide include nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and sulfur. Store bought fertilizer cannot offer a lot of the macronutrients that chicken manure can provide. Because manure from chickens comes from the GI tract, it is teeming with bacteria. Therefore raw chicken manure cannot be used until the bacteria such as salmonella. Treatment of the chicken manure is also required because specific nutrients such as nitrogen are in excess which can kill the plants.
To cure the compost, you place the manure in a covered pile for three months. This will give enough time for the bacteria, such as salmonella, to die. Chicken manure, besides traditional manure, is the only other manure compost that can be cultivated at home. Dog, cat or human feces cannot be safely composted. Ammonia smell from the manure is abnormal and is both bad for the plants and for our lungs. Chickens may also develop ulcers in their eyes which can be a sign that the coup has manure that is producing ammonia. The coop will need to be cleaned out, and none of the manure should be used. Cleaning the chicken coop regularly and keeping the right number of birds and bedding material will help generate the highest quality of chicken compost manure. Composting is an excellent alternative to purchasing manure. Chickens provide the multifaceted efficiency of pest control and manure when appropriately used. Caution will always be required when composting chicken manure but is a very cost-effective method to cultivating a beautiful garden.

A natural approach to fertilizing your garden is by adding chicken manure compost. This organic waste material has a dark, vibrant color that once added to your garden, will produce a nutrient-packed recipe of natural supplements back into your soil. This slow-release fertilizer is high in Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium. Hens need a lot of calcium to produce eggs. Therefore their feed contains high amounts of this valuable vitamin. In turn, the chicken compost manure contains calcium that can help raise your soil's ph level. Mixing chicken manure into a compost bin and letting it heat and cure for 45-60 days will produce the most abundance of balanced nutrients for your soil. As the compost heats, microorganisms naturally break down materials turning them into fertilizer by decomposing. In addition to this, it can add many other benefits to your garden. Using chicken compost manure increases a soil's ability to hold water. It will also improve your soil's productivity and overall health. Two to three weeks before planting, till 6 to 10 inches of manure compost into your soil to provide a nutrient source that will feed your plants throughout the growing season. Mixing ahead of time ensures that the soil's microorganisms are active. Another positive to adding chicken manure is that it can decrease aluminum toxicity that can be found in more humid temperate regions like West Virginia or the Mid-Atlantic states. Also, chicken manure contains a bacteria used in the poultry's digestive process which aids in the breaking down of organic matter. This method gives the plants a more soluble way to absorb the nutrients from the soil. This odorless manure can be stored for a long time before it starts to lose any of its nutrients. This desired fertilizer will produce excellent soil for your vegetables to grow in.