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Compost Mulch – 1 Gallon Bag

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Compost Mulch – 1 Gallon Bag

Compost mulch is a rich one as it is created by using scraps such as peelings from fruit and vegetables and also leftover foods from the kitchen. This mulch can be constructed to compost barrels and needs to stir and moved around so that the air can get through it and dry it out. It supplies a lot of vitamins back into the soils in flower and vegetable gardens and also helps produce beautiful and healthy plants. It is available in one-gallon bags which makes it very easy to apply to all garden types from this sizeable online nursery. It is shipped directly to the customer and is ready to use. This is a very organic mulch and is excellent because it is also recycling all the waste so that it can help the plants grow. This type of mulch works very well on vegetable gardens and helps them develop and produce very well.


Compost Mulch Benefits In Gardens
When you are trying to build a healthy, sustainable garden space, it is essential to use both compost and mulch appropriately to keep your garden in the best health possible. While compost and mulch have similar uses and sources, they are very different things. In this article, we will examine some of the benefits that compost and mulch bring to gardens.


What is Mulch?

Mulch can be any substance that you put above the soil to help plants grow. Mulch will help to keep moisture in and around your plants while keeping weeds out. Many people use wood chips, dead leaves, and other natural refuse to make mulch. You can even use synthetic materials like recycled petroleum products.


What is Compost?

Compost is a mix of different dead or dying organic materials. These ingredients, such as leaves, garden trimmings, even food waste, are mixed, and allowed to decompose. This breaks them down into useful nutrients that can then be used to grow your latest garden. Once the compost breaks down into nutrients, it is highly prized by farmers and home gardeners alike.


Compost+Mulch Together

Compost is often used as a mulch material. That means that compost can be mulch, but not all mulch is compost. There are some significant benefits to using fertilizer as mulch as compared to other materials. One is the ability to handle excess compost as you please. This allows you to get rid of some of your compost if you have no need for it in your garden as fertilizer.


Compost is also free- instead of having to pay for wood slivers or chips you can use scraps from your home and garden. Using fertilizer as mulch also sends nutrients into the soil which makes everything in the general vicinity have a higher amount of nitrogen. This encourages plants to grow bigger, faster. Using compost mulch is a phenomenal way to get your garden to grow.