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Corkscrew Willow Tree

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Corkscrew Willow / Salix matsudana Hardy Planting Zones- 4-8 Mature Height- 20-30 feet Mature Width- 15-30 feet Bloom Season- Spring Sun or Shade- full-partial sun

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Corkscrew Willow Trees - Size shipped is 1-3 feet in height

The Corkscrew Willow Tree or Curly or Tortured Willow Tree is a very fast growing variety of tree. It does have a short lifespan and will only be around for a few years. This is due to its vulnerability to insects and branch breakage. You will quickly recognize this tree by its twisted branches. The branches are much more noticeable during the winter after the leaves have fallen. This tree is easy to care for and only requires watering in hot, humid conditions. It will generally get all of its required water from the ground. Putting mulch around the base of the tree will also allow it to retain water. If the branches become very dense, you will need to prune it back so that the sun can get to the trunk of the tree. Although it is prone to getting mildew, this is something that should not require any treatment.

Adding a Corkscrew Willow Tree to your yard will provide you with shade in the hot summer. Because of the shape of the branches, the beautiful long draping leaves are a welcome addition to any yard. You will want to plant this tree in an area far enough away from houses or sewer lines as the roots tend to remain close to the surface. It can be planted anytime during the warmer months of the year. During its first year after planting, you should water it regularly. This tree can be planted in almost any type of soil including clay or sand. It will multiply if the right conditions are met. It can grow between 10 and 15 feet per year and will reach its full height of about 30 feet within three years. The Corkscrew Willow Tree is an excellent addition to any landscape. It can live for almost 30 years in your garden.

The Corkscrew Willow is a type of Willow Tree. Another nickname for this particular kind of willow is the "Curly Willow" due to its unique curling branch shapes. It's often grown for the attractive colors that its leaves turn in the fall, the unique branching habit it exhibits, and for the fact that it's a fast-growing tree. These trees are such fast growers, in fact, that you can expect to see 24 or more inches of growth each year. Like most fast-growing trees, the ideal place for the Corkscrew Willow is in an open area with plenty of space for its expansive branches. It would be best placed away from driveways, the side of your home, and the street. This particular type of willow flourishes in soil that has the excellent moisture content, so a good water source nearby would be an ideal place for it to be placed. It can grow well in sunny or partly shady areas, and it's not too fussy about soil type so that it can grow in loam, clay, or sand types of soil just fine. There are a handful of reasons that homeowners and those planting trees in public spaces, such as parks or nature preserving areas, would find the Corkscrew Willow an excellent choice; Whether it's for the beautiful and vibrant colors that the leaves turn in the fall or for its new curling branch shape. It's a unique addition to any landscaping project, so long as it is given enough space to grow and since it's a fast growing tree, it can be enjoyed in its full height within a shorter time than a slower growing willow type.