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Creeping Mint

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Creeping Mint – Meehania Cordata



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While most mint plants are considered to be pests in gardens, the creeping mint (a.k.a. Meehan’s mint) is not one of them. Its name is misleading as it does not have a minty aroma. It may have rapid growth, but instead, it covers the ground like a carpet though it does best in small or medium-sized areas. When matured, it reaches about six inches tall. Meehan’s mint was also very distinguishable by its heart-shaped leaves. It grows best in the partial or full shade with evenly moist soil. It does best in foamy, clay, gravel or average dirt. However, it can also tolerate full sun as long as the ground is kept well-watered and evenly moist. It does very well under perennial or shrub. Lavender or blue tubular bloom up to six inches from May to late June. In the wild, they grow in mostly wooded slopes and other areas rich in wood.


Another benefit of the Meehan’s mint is that it doesn’t have any severe disease or pest susceptibility. The one exception is slugged so you will need to ensure that your Meehan is free of slugs at all times. Another benefit of the Meehan’s is that it is also deer resistant. Its watering needs are about medium to low. It is an overall deficient maintenance plant that works in harmony with your other gardening needs.


If some of your other plants have stopped growing, chances are, a Meehan will make a perfect replacement. With its rapid growth, it can fill up the unsightly holes within weeks. However, it doesn’t spread very much so if you want a lot of it, you’re going to have to plant and regularly water a lot of it. It’s also best to divide the spread so that two or more of the seedlings don’t end up choking each other.


Creeping Mint is a low-growing groundcover that presents with beautiful purplish blue leaves in the spring. Creeping mint prefers moist and well-drained soil but requires no special care once established. Those desiring more flowers can fertilize once a year. Makes an excellent landscape edge and is an outstanding companion plant for container gardening. Is deer resistant and drought tolerant.