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Creeping Myrtle Plant

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Creeping myrtle, or Vinca minor, is often referred to as the common or lesser periwinkle.

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Creeping Myrtle Plant - Vinca Minor

The Creeping Myrtle Plant is native to Central and Southern Europe but can be found almost anywhere. It has glossy dark green foliage and can have small purple flowers; which gives it the more common name of periwinkle. It is a garden plant that is used mainly as a ground cover. It can tolerate being grown in sandy soil and its vines will do well growing under tree coverage. The creeping myrtle is a perennial plant which means it will return year after year in your garden. Once the stems hit the ground, roots will begin to take place, and new vines will appear. The small flowers will only bloom for a short period in early spring. If you plant these vines in your garden, you should space them approximately two feet apart to ensure complete coverage. The plant multiplies. Since it is a vine plant, it will smother weeds during its growing period helping to maintain your garden's beauty.
If you are looking to add colorful beauty to your home landscape, Creeping Myrtle is an excellent choice to make. It will last for many years and is easy to take care of. You can also propagate it to grow in other areas around your home. You need to split the root balls in half and plant in different places. When you first plant it, you will need to make sure the soil remains moist so that it can grow. After it has been growing for a while, the natural moisture in the ground and rain will be enough to sustain it. Although the most common color of the flower is purple, there are other varieties which will have white or yellow flowers. These can be planted in the same area as the purple producing an even greater eye catcher.

Creeping Myrtle is a popular choice for a ground cover.

Scientific Name: Vinca Minor, Periwinkle

USDA Climate Zone: 4-9

Height: 6-12 inches

Spread: 1 to 3 feet

Soil type: Sandy, clay, well-drained, widely adaptable

Sun: Full sun - Full shade

This species of periwinkle creeps across the ground and provides a beautiful ground cover.

This ground cover has smooth, dark, and dense green leaves that are approximately 2" long. They have brilliant blue flowers that are shaped like stars. It grows slowly at first, but once the plant is established, it will need little or no maintenance. It is known to be an allergy-free plant. In the spring you can cut it back and watch as it grows into a beautiful ground cover. It is excellent for trailing on slopes, in rock gardens, or on banks. It is a suitable type of ground cover to help smother weeds in a garden area. It multiplies and is excellent for filling in bare spots as well. It blooms from spring until frost.