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Dwarf Crested Iris

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Dwarf Crested Iris - Iris cristata Hardy Planting Zones- 5-7 Sun or Shade – Shade and Part Shade Mature Height - 6" Mature Width- 2.5" Bloom Season – Spring (March thru May Gardener Status- Beginner

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Dwarf Crested Iris - Iris cristata


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Dwarf Crested Iris - Iridaceae


The dwarf crested iris is always the star performer in your rock garden, classic beds or front borders. Additionally, it's a beauty that demands attention wherever it blooms, and it always exceeds any of your expectations. Excellent is the description of this rare goddess of flowers.


If a future flower display that grows more beautiful over time is your goal, then this six-inch-high perennial will make all your dreams come true. Shades of blue-violet or white two-inch-wide flowers bloom in orchidlike sprays of profusion on the dwarf crested iris. The falls exhibit fuzzy, yellow crests similar to the tall bearded iris. Furthermore, the dense foliage gracefully frames the blossoms in narrow jade-green leaves.


The early spring months of March, April and May release an explosion of dwarf iris pastels to paint any landscape. Rocky slopes and shade-dappled woodlands, bluffs, road banks and various habitats in zones 5 to 7 are welcome spots for the crested iris.


Acidic, loose, loamy soil provides the foundation for a proliferation of flowers. Add rich compost into amended, well-drained ground to promote an excellent head start. Just like the planting instructions for the tall bearded iris, this one also requires a partial exposure of the rhizome to light. If you cover all of this root, it delays bloom time until this part performs a miracle of nature and works the rhizome up and into the light. Extra care in the first planting stages helps to ensure a mass of bloom.


A vigorous deer-resistant, low-grower, it provides a tightly-woven root system that locks soil in place to combat erosion. Moreover, the blossom fragrance is sweet enough to use in aromatherapy calming lotions and essential oils to enhance a relaxed, healing atmosphere anywhere and anytime.


Enjoy a show of iridescent hummingbirds and golden butterflies as they nestle among the blossoms sipping the natural nectar. Deciding to include living floral delicacies for native birds further activates your landscape, and brings it to life with changing colors and movement.


Dwarf Crested Iris is a rhizomatous perennial native to the eastern United States. It has an orange or yellow crest with lavender flowers that have a white patch. The rhizomes are greenish or whitish yellow. They have 2-8 cord-like branches. The leaves are brown and sickle-shaped.