Deck Water garden

5th Dec 2012

One of the best features about my home is my deck water garden! Not only does it give me the feeling of pride because we made it ourselves but it also gives me a pride of accomplishment because it looks so good. Now you can have one too!

The first thing we did was decided that we wanted to create an in the deck water garden, then as we were getting our thoughts together we drew out our plans so we knew how it was going to go together. We used our measurements and added our water garden into our deck, took some old rugs, carpet, padding and sand to the bottom as extra cushion and then added our black liner into our area that we were using, stapled the sides over the edges and added extra wood on top to give it that finished look. Filled our pond with water and added some KOI, it couldn’t have looked better but yet it was still missing something, but I couldn’t figure it out. What was it?

Finally, after I pondered about it, I knew what was missing – pond plants, after I went and purchased some water lilies, ferns and arrow arum it was finished, my water garden was now complete and I couldn’t be happier! My water garden built into my deck is now my most prized possession and is the one thing that I want everyone to see as soon as they come to my home.