Decorating with fresh flowers

5th Dec 2012

Decorating with fresh flowers is a wonderful way to use your imagination.  They will also make your home smell wonderful and like springtime.  They will add color and will turn a dull room into a beautiful place.  You can use small bunches of fresh flowers on end tables and also use a large bunch for a dining room table.  You can use your imagination and make a fresh flower arrangement out of just about anything as long as it will hold water for them.  You can also float your flowers if you would like.  A large bowl that will hold water for the flowers will work well.  Cut the ends off of the fresh flowers and lay them into the water.  This will be beautiful when you have several flowers in a bowl.  It does not have to be expensive to decorate with fresh flowers.  You can usually purchase fresh flowers all year round from your grocery store and they are not expensive.  You will be surprised how one bunch of fresh flowers will brighten up a room.  During the spring and summer months you can also use fresh flowers out of your flower gardens and may also use fresh flowers from shrubs that are blooming. Black Cohosh, ferns and daffodils are good cut flower choices.  Fresh flowers will improve everyone’s mood and make you feel great.  The smell of fresh flowers is also a very good way to calm down during the evening and begin to relax.  Just make sure to keep enough water in their vases to keep them beautiful so they will last a long time.