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Devils Walking Stick

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Devils Walking Stick - Aralia Spinosa

The Devil's Walking Stick also known as Aralia Spinosa is a species of plant that is native to the eastern part of North America, and it is commonly seen the range of Florida to New York. It has also been known to grow from Texas to Ohio. The Devil's Walking Stick is also referred to as Hercules Club. It gets the name because of the sharp thorn-like projections on its bark and stems.

The spiny projections are believed to be useful in protecting the plant from predators that would eat it, such as deer. It also seems that the spines are more prolific and sharper when the plant is in its infancy as opposed to as it gets older. This is probably to help it get through to adulthood when it grows relatively large and tall and less susceptible to predators. The plant has been known to grow to 10 to 15 feet tall or more.

Considering it is a pretty plant, especially when flowering, but with the spines, it is not exactly conducive to be placed in gardens and places where people are going to come in contact with it. It's best set in under traveled areas. The Devil’s Walking Stick is usually used for shrub borders and spheres of gardens and landscapes that are more remote.

The distinguishing characteristics of Aralia Spinosa are the tropical looking leaves that form a canopy at the top of the tree. The leaves can get very big, as long as three feet across as well as three feet wide. They have large white flowers that appear approximately July to August and which are followed by purplish to black colored berries. The flowers of the Devil's Walking Stick can be mildly toxic to people so care should be taken when handling them. Because of their pretty flowers, many people like to use them in their gardens but run the risk of being invaded as Aralia Spinosa multiplies.

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Devils Walking Stick got its name from having many thorns on the branches.  It is also called Hercules Club.  This shrub will look great around your home and also in gardens and a natural area.  It will also do great in areas where the soils are moist.  It will also add life to your gardens with the bright green leaves.