Do you prefer Perennials or Groundcovers?

5th Dec 2012

The Pink phlox is a beautiful plant that is often used in arrangements and floral bouquets.  This is a lovely plant and there are several different varieties.  The Pink phlox usually blooms during July through September.  The work phlox means flame.  It is called phlox because of the bright colors that it has when blooming.  There are also many shades of pink to choose from when planting.  You can choose medium pink and also darker pink.  These plants will grow to be around 1 to 2 ½ feet tall and will usually spread to be 1 to 2 ½ feet wide.  You will need to find a location when planting where these plants can get full sunlight to partly shady conditions.  They will also need moist and fertile soil conditions to grow well in.  Do not plant the Pink phlox close together.  They will need to have adequate air circulation between the plants.  The Pink phlox are wonderful plants for flowerbeds and look beautiful as borders around a sidewalk or driveway.  They will also do well when planted in containers to sit on your deck or porch.  The Pink phlox is also loved by hummingbirds and this will be a great plant if you are looking to attract them to your porch or deck or flower gardens.  You can purchase these plants at your local home and garden centers.  Another great way to buy these plants is from an online plant nursery where you are sure to get the better prices.