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Downy Lobelia

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Latin Name- Lobelia siphilitica Hardy Planting Zones- 3-9 Sun or Shade – Full sun to part shade Mature Height - 24-36" Mature Width- 12-18"

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Downy Lobelia

Downy Lobelia is a beautiful and unassuming perennial plant growing up to 122 centimeters in height (48 inches). This herbaceous plant is part of the Bellflower family.

Hardy planting zones and soil requirements
Downy Lobelia is grown in almost all of the eastern and southern states. It is planted in New Jersey along the coast southwards to Florida and the west in Illinois and Texas. Some other areas include Massachusetts, Georgia, New Milford and Eatonton. It grows well in open woods, roadsides, meadows, and prairies or anywhere else where there is a wet habitat. Downy Lobelia can do just fine in both sun and shade.

Uses in landscaping
Downy Lobelia can be integrated into any landscape with ease. It provides a wide range of beautiful colors while in bloom; blue with white centers and sometimes wholly white or pinkish.

Downy Lobelia is a perennial herb that has alternate leaves that can reach 5 inches long and 1.5 inches wide. It is a resilient plant that dies to the ground in winter but emerges in early spring. The leaves have a hairy underside and are finely toothed along the edge. The leaves don’t have a petiole; they tightly clap the stem.
The flowers are pure and irregularly shaped and measure up to 0.75 inches. Each bloom is almost 1 inch tall with a single white blotch at the top. They are mainly blue with some white in the middle but can also be white or pinkish. They primarily bloom in the late summer and can go all the way to mid-fall. The upper part of the flower has two lobes while the lower lips have three portions; all five stamens held together within a tube. The pollen is at the bottom of the container, so pollination takes place when an insect such as a butterfly visits the flower and carries some pollen droppings on the back.

Downy Lobelia comes in many different colors ranging from white, purple or a blue. It has small leaves that are green and stand out as it grows. It is a firm, hardy and robust plant. Will flower from spring through mid-October. Comes as a bare-root plant with small roots that is an actual grower and grows fast.