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Driftwood Rustic Piece 16-18"

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Here's how your plants will look on arrival. All plants are dormant with no leaves or foliage.

Driftwood Rustic Piece 16-18"

Driftwood pieces provide a very rustic look as they are added to flower gardens. These parts look outstanding when several are combined to create a more massive sculpture in a garden area or on a lawn. When plants and vines area added around these, they are beautiful and very natural looking. Adding flowering plants is also a great way to bring color into space. These pieces frequently are sixteen to eighteen inches long and are in different colors which depend on the type of tree they are. They are found in water such as lakes, ponds and even saltwater which makes the shades a little lighter and can sometimes appear to be white. This rustic driftwood is available at very affordable prices from this nursery and is carefully packed and shipped to the customer, so they are ready to use once they are received. Sizes may vary.


"Driftwood Uses in Landscaping!"

Many nature enthusiasts agree that the weathering of driftwood is aesthetically quite pleasing to the eye and its application works very well in various methods of landscaping. As a matter of fact, in coastal communities, one can find driftwood as a common element in nature as it compliments well many plants, trees, rocks and other forms of the local environment. Driftwood takes time to weather and become the artistic masterpiece it was meant to be from the destructive effects of water, sand, rocks or sun.


Each piece is unique in appearance and found a new section makes it thrilling. Artisans such as sculptures have made this medium a coveted art form. For example, on the old Outer Banks of N.C. in Duck, there is a group of artisans that create horse heads and other various nautical creatures out of driftwood that can be found in many local gardens and properties. The following are some ways that driftwood can be incorporated in landscaping to bring multi-dimensional beauty to any garden.


1. Creating a focal point for other themed gardens can easily be accomplished by using a long or large piece as a backdrop for vibrant or lush centerpieces. Traveling vines and plants can be trained to house itself in it.


2. Ornate hooks can be installed in the wood to create an attractive storage area that can be hung up for garden tools or even to hang potted plants from.


3. In the same way, more massive driftwood can be transformed into benches by nailing two or more coordinating pieces together.


4. Outdoor mirrors make any small space appear more massive and hot gluing driftwood and seashells around it can bring on the appeal.


5. Driftwood makes a perfect bird feeder by securing an interesting themed bowl to the center. A water bowl for birdbaths is also a great way to attract nature as birds are naturally drawn to any wood source.