Edible Water Plants

5th Dec 2012

There are a wide variety of edible water plants.  Some of them are wild rice, cattail, watercress, wasabi, water pepper, lotus and also bulrush.  You will need to know what you should do to these plants before you consume them.  The Bulrush sprouts can be used in a salad.  You can also use the pollen in the bulrush as a flavoring.  Some people also boil the flower heads while they are not ripe and eat as a vegetable.  The pollen from the cattails can be gathered when the plants are mature and can be used as a flour supplement.  The Lotus flowers can also be dried and some people will make tea out of them.  You can also gather the seeds from the Lotus and can pop them like popcorn.  Wasabi is a very popular water plant that can be eaten.  It is known for its intense spice in Japanese food.  Wasabi is also great to prevent cardiovascular diseases and the root can also help with allergies.  The seeds of the Water Pepper are also used in Wasabi.  Watercress is also a good water plant that is edible.  It also contains large amounts of iron, calcium and folic acid and also contains vitamin A and C.  Watercress is also used in salads a lot.  Wild Rice is also used as a grain.  It is high in protein, amino acid lysine and also is low in fat.  Wild Rice does not contain any gluten.  Wild Rice also contains thiamine, riboflavin and niacin which are great vitamins. FIddlehead ferns are also edible.