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Elderberry Live Stakes

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Latin Name- Sambucus Nigra Hardy Planting Zone- 3-9 Mature Height- 10-20 ft Width- 10-20 ft Sun or Shade- Full Sun

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Elderberry Stakes – Sambucus Nigra

The Many Attributes Of Elderberry Live Stakes In Wetlands
Elderberry Live Stakes - American Elderberry - Sambucus Canadensis

Elderberry stakes can get up to ten feet in height on average, but some have been known to grow up to twenty feet. They are a very adaptable plant and can grow in zones three through eight. They can grow in soil that is dryer, but they do the best in a land that is moist. They like a lot of suns, they thrive in sunlight but can grow in the shade as well. They can be found in the wild near swamps where they like the moisture.

The plant is a flowering flora and has large bright green leaves. The berries are dark purple and will stain your fingers quickly. In the spring there will be massive white blooms that later turn into the berries.

One significant benefit of planting an Elderberry Live Stake in your yard is you can use the berries to make jelly, pie, and lots of syrups for cooking. You can also make wine out of them. You have to cook them first because they can be poisonous if you don't. People have been known to use the berries for different medical ailments. They have been used to help treat the flu and cold symptoms. Elderberries are easy to grow you need to make sure they have enough water, and you'll want to plant them around a meter apart for the best results. Mulch will help keep down the weeds and allow you to enjoy your bushes.

It's not difficult to take care of the Elderberry when it starts to get unruly. You can prune it back without causing any damage. They look great in a backyard and can add some needed color to your landscape. You'll need to plan for them to have a lot of room so they can grow, spread and thrive.

Elderberry Stakes will make a great addition to any lawn and flower garden. It will look great and can be used as a small shrub or a small tree. You will be thrilled at how much life it will bring into your gardens. It will attract a wide variety of birds and other wildlife if you let it grow into a small tree.