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Euonymus Americanus

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Euonymus Americanus - Celastraceae

The Euonymus Americanus has many common names used for it such as bursting heart, strawberry bush, American strawberry bush, and it belongs to the family Celastraceae which is the Bittersweet Family. The shrub grows to six to twelve feet tall; it has beautiful bright green, oval in shape leaves. The plant is indigenous to the eastern United States but can reach as far as Texas. The plant does best in partial shade and is a perennial so you can enjoy it year after year. The bush tends to like moist soil, in drier climates the addition of mulch and more water will be required. The forest is not drought tolerant; it is generally found near streams, wet woodlands, and shady areas. The shrub once matured does well however when the soil has adequate drainage. The plant blooms delicate pale green to white flowers with purple stamens during May and June. The common name of bursting heart comes from the reddish fruit bloom that eventually splits into five sections revealing the seeds which can be orange to a reddish color. The leaves turn a beautiful red color in Autumn and are great to use a decorative piece in a natural area or around larger shrubs; a hearty, more significant specimen can have hundreds of the bursting heart effects of the fruit pods and be very beautiful. The plant is found out in natural areas, whitetail deer enjoy to eat the leaves but it is not a significant source of food for them, wild turkey's do eat the seeds sparingly, and the plant has been known to be used as a medicinal plant as well. This would be a perfect accent plant to add to a shade garden area or to add as a brilliant Autumn burst of color to accent larger shrubs in a field.


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Euonymus Americanus is a plant that blooms in late spring. The hearts a bustin shrub can grow up to 2 feet in one year. The soil it needs is from dry to a moister soil type.