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Evergreen Tree

An evergreen is one of the most beautiful trees in existence because the foliage is present all year. While other trees appear leafless and lifeless, the evergreen is alive with vibrant green color. An evergreen will thrive in dry seasons and cold weather. This tree is perfect for any home or garden and can be used for a windbreaker or a privacy screen. The variety of this tree can be a small dwarf shrub or a massive tree. They add style and character to the yard, provide foliage throughout the year and enhance all different styles of landscaping.

The evergreen is available in different leaf types, sizes, colors, and shapes. This provides excellent curb appeal, glorious privacy and a welcome addition to any lawn. The evergreen will grow beautifully in partial to full sunlight. They require very little in the way of maintenance, tolerate snow, extreme weather and poor soil drainage. The dwarf evergreen will grow from four to six feet once mature. The traditional evergreen will soar to heights of twenty to sixty feet. The taller trees are exceptional when planted as a border around the yard. This provides privacy, tranquility and a sense of peace.

The types of evergreen trees include blue spruce, fir, hemlock, pine, yew, and redwood. Every variety offers beautiful coloring, year-round foliage, privacy and ease of care. The smaller varieties are exquisite when planted as decorative touches along the front or back of the home. The larger varieties are an excellent way to establish the border between houses. The different shapes and sizes can be scattered around other plantings for a spectacular look.

Many people choose to plant an evergreen near a patio or deck. As the tree grows this will provide just the right amount of privacy and shade. During the winter months, many small animals and birds will shelter amongst the evergreen for refuge. When planted near the home the dense foliage acts as a windbreaker to protect the home from being damaged by the elements.

An Evergreen Tree is coniferous, meaning it retains its green leaves throughout the year. They do drop some leaves, but it happens gradually over time instead of all at once.  Depending on the species, some constantly grow new leaves to replace the ones that have shed, while in others, the leaves live for 30 years before shedding.  The Evergreen Tree can adapt to its climate to ensure its survival, but its ideal home is in an acidic soil where nutrients are accessible. The shelter provided by older, larger evergreens often helps younger trees to persist in the winter months. Plant this tree anywhere there is ample space!