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Fern Moss

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Common Fern Moss - Thuidium Delicatulum 4a to 8a Partial Sun to Medium Shade 4" to 16" tall Several Inches Wide Spring Growing Season Beginner Status

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Fern Moss Benefits In Landscaping


Fern Moss - Thuidium

When designing a gorgeous landscaped property, some might forget about moss, but it's quite a stunning enhancement. Fern Moss is considered by nursery experts to be one of the most versatile of its species with the amazing ability to thrive just about anywhere. Fern Moss can be grown in USDA hardiness zones 1-9, creating green-colored mats that are environmentally friendly.

Not only is Fern Moss superb for outdoor topiaries and decoration, but it can add textural beauty with its graceful feathery fronds to any surface it touches. A moss carpet grows easily over rocks, concrete, at tree bases, on logs and stumps, etc. The moss also adds an ethereal appeal near water. Best of all, Fern Moss is healthy and able to withstand plenty of action underfoot.

The moss is not delicate to grow or maintain, but before it gets established to one's property, experts say it requires ample moisture. The nourishment helps the moss to begin spreading, but patience is needed for this slow mover to acclimate to its surroundings. Once mature, Fern Moss can adapt to drought conditions. Also, the moss prefers partial sun to full shade.

These days, many people are conscious of the environment and choosing among plants that are not only sustainable but can act as a lawn replacement, an attractive accent along the manicured grounds of commercial or residential properties or as living botanical-sculptural designs. Fern Moss can offer all of these features at an affordable price.

Growing Fern Moss is not tricky, and the species is not too fussy about the soil composition. Loam and clay are fine, but too sandy a soil is challenging for the moss to attach to a non-stable surface. The medium green-colored plant also thrives in most pH conditions.

Green Moss can add immense charm to a landscaped property and is sold and shipped by nurseries in sheets.