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Fern Grab Bag- 25 Ferns, Perfect For Your Zone- Mature Size

Fern Grab Bag- 25 Ferns, Perfect For Your Zone- Mature Size

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The Benefits Of Planting Fern Plants In Landscaping
There isn’t a one-size-fits-all fern that works in every situation. Like the rest of your design, choosing the appropriate fern for your landscape, lighting, and soil conditions will add years of enjoyment to your outdoor environment.

Western Sword Fern -- Polystichum

This species grows wild in the northwestern area of the United States. In your garden, it adds year-round interest in zones 3 through 8. Its evergreen fronds provide a vibrant green, leathery texture to shaded spots. Western Sword Ferns are a low-maintenance choice to add interest to your garden if you place them in well-fertilized and drained soil. Under the right conditions, they can reach both a height and width of three to 6 feet.

Royal Fern – Osmunda regalis

As the name implies, the regal fern makes a statement in your garden. It’s a deciduous fern that can reach as high as 6 feet tall. The royal fern does best in plentiful water conditions, such as surrounding a water structure you may have in your garden. While it will tolerate full sun if kept moist enough, it does best in partial-sun conditions. The light green fronds add a light, feathery texture to gardens in zones 3 through 10. With their airy wisps at the tops, it has the appearance of a flowering plant.

Northern Maidenhair Fern -- Adiantum pedatum

The black stems combined with bright green fronds create a delicate lacey appearance to these ferns. They are a welcome addition to borders, especially when combined with other lacey-type flowering plants. If the ground is moist and properly fertilized, this variety will grow to between one and 3 feet high and a foot to a foot and a half in width. It does well in low to filtered light, and in a varied zone range of two through 8, but it cannot tolerate full sun. 

There are more than 20,000 fern species currently in existence. Each has a soil and environmental condition in which it thrives. Ferns add grace, depth, and interest to gardens that other plants can’t manage.