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Fern Plants Grab bag - 10 Plants Chosen Pefect For Your Zone- Mature Size

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Hardy Planting Zone 3-9, Light Requirement - Sun/ Shade, Mature Height 32"

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Here's how your plants will look on arrival. All plants are dormant with no leaves or foliage.

The Landscaping Attributes of Ferns


Ferns are prolific, spreading naturally throughout hardiness zones 3-8. Though many prefer moist soils, the plants are incredibly adaptable with some growing vibrantly in hot, dry areas. Regardless of climate and location, ferns enjoy shaded places. You will often find ferns in courtyard gardens where their fronds decorate otherwise barren walls. They also appear surrounding the edges of water features or near beds of annuals alongside a home's foundation. Here are a few of this amazingly flexible landscape plant's attributes.

Deer Resistant

Ferns are millions of years old. They outlived the dinosaurs. They can withstand browsing mammals. This might be surprising considering how gentle ferns appear. For those living in rural areas, planting fern along vegetable garden fences and other nuisance areas will ensure that at least one portion of your landscape stays green and untouched throughout the growing season.

Modern and Classic

Ferns are the prima donna of the shade plant world. No shade garden would be complete without an arching, stand-alone specimen or clusters of smaller, bright green fronds. Their colors vary from neon green to dark amber to olive green. Japanese fern and other deciduous ferns change color throughout the seasons making them the go-to choice for temperate gardens. Ferns present an upright growth habit and trailing leaves that exhibit both classic and modern impressions. They complement any garden style by providing background texture and depth as well as achieving stunning contrasts.

Low Maintenance

It isn't often that a classic landscape feature requires so little attention. For lush growth and consecutive annual appearances, these perennial plants need rich, humusy soils, indirect light, and consistent moisture. Depending on the species, ferns can reach heights anywhere between 1- to 6-feet. Choose a shaded area that is naturally moist and receives plenty of leaves in the autumn, and you will find that your fern practically takes care of itself.