Ferns make for a great shade plant

5th Dec 2012

If you are looking for great plants that will survive in shaded areas.  Ferns are a great plant.  These are great to plant under shade trees because they love cool and damp places most of the time.   You can plant ferns where it is shaded by trees or places that are also shaded by your home.  You can find a variety of ferns to choose from.  You can find them that will grow as high as 3 feet.  The leaves and fronds on a fern are very soft looking and will make your shaded areas look beautiful.  Ferns will not produce flowers or blooms but the will add color to your landscape.  Ferns can also come in different shades of green.  It is good to design your shaded area before you start planting so that you will have your taller ferns in the back of your shaded flowerbeds or your shaded area.  Ferns are also a very easy plant to take care of.  They are not prone to get diseases or have a lot of insects.  If they are planted in the right soil conditions you can practically plant ferns and just almost ignore them.  It is a very good idea to research the types of ferns you are looking to purchase so that you will know what kind of light and soil conditions that they will require.  A great place to purchase ferns is from an online plant nursery.  When purchasing them online you will have a complete description of the plant and what they will need to survive.