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Flowering Tree Package - 5 Trees 3 Feet Tall

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Flowering Tree Package – 5 Trees 3 Feet Tall


USDA Climate Zone:  4 - 9

Plant Height: 20 - 30 Feet

Plant Width: 25 - 35 Feet

Soil Type:  Adaptable to Various Soils

Sun:  Prefers Full Sun

Ships As - Bareroot Plant 

white-flowering-dogwood-tree.jpgWhite Flowering Dogwood Tree

pink-flowering-dogwood-tree.jpgPink Flowering Dogwood Tree

redbud-tree.jpgRedbud Tree

tree-of-heaven.jpgTree of Heaven 

The Flowering Tree Package – 5 Trees 3 Feet Tall is a super cost effective way of adding colorful trees to any landscape. It includes 1 White Flowering Dogwood, 1 Pink Flowering Dogwood, 2 Redbud Trees and 1 Tree of Heaven. These trees are all USDA certified and in good health. They are hardy, easy to care for and once established, will be almost maintenance free. These trees are resistant to drought, disease, and most pests. They will arrive 3 feet tall and ready to plant. All of these trees will do well in many soil types and lots of sunshine.