Flowering Trees

The Many Benefits of Flowering Trees in a Garden

Flowering trees are a great addition to any garden and landscape, with options available for most planting zones. There are so many advantages to planting flowering trees in the right spot, with reasons ranging from aesthetics to environmental. Any gardener should take a look at all the benefits of each type of plant that they want to add, the location where they are considering the plant should be located, and the growing conditions for the region. Everything from ornamental flowering trees to grass to flowering plants should be grown in the hardiness zone where they are native to or where they can flourish.

Flowering trees increase the beauty of an area, be it a garden or the landscape of property- big or small. Most will begin flowering in the spring and can keep their beauty for a month or more when the rest of the flowers in the garden are just starting to push up out of the ground. Not only do the trees add color, but they add dimension and a different type of texture to the landscape, making for an impressive landscape that will draw the eye to where ever they are planted. This kind of interest almost always adds curb appeal to a property and can be a great way to increase the property value of a home, which is an additional benefit that most don't consider.

In addition to the aesthetics that flowering trees bring to a garden, they are great for wildlife and the environment. Trees can set the foundation for hills, banks, loose landscaping, and even shorelines. The flowers on trees support insects and their populations, attract birds and give wildlife a place to live. All of these natural benefits multiply more than the addition of any other elements to the garden and last longer.