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Fox Sedge

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Botanical Name:
Carex Vulpinoidea


Hardiness Zone:
Zone 5-7

Mature Height:
1 ft

Mature Width:
6 in

Growth Per Year:
1 ft

Light Requirement:
full sun to light shade

Soil Requirement:
moist to slightly dry

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Here's how your plants will look on arrival. All plants are dormant with no leaves or foliage.

Fox Sedge – Carex Alopeciodea


This is a fantastic wetland sedge that forms clumps that are about two feet in diameter. In the mid-summer, the seed heads stem outward from the center of the plant making for a fox tail like effect. Fox Sedge grows in moist to very wet soil making it an excellent plant for rain gardens. The flower likes full to partial sun. It can be found in wet, humid conditions, and soil containing loam, silt, clay, and gravel. Fox Sedge can spread aggressively, especially in areas where there are no other plants. This vegetation is native to North America. The inflorescence is a dense, tangled cluster of many flower spikes up to approximately 4 inches long. The flower can tolerate fluctuating water levels and periods of drying. The foliage is excellent textured and light green. The blades are usually three feet long and a little over 1/8 of an inch wide. The leaves are grass like and are evergreen in nature. These plants are pest resistant and not liked by most herbivores such as deer and other wildlife. This ornamental grass is used in general landscaping. Birds enjoy the habitat and protection it provides. It is also an excellent host plant for skipper butterflies. These plants are low maintenance and need minimal care. They rarely need any fertilizer, and they can be quickly moved if need be. Since they multiply, you can occasionally mow it to help keep it manageable. It can also be cut back after it has bloomed to help preserve a tidier appearance. When harvesting Fox Sedge ensure the blade of the mower is sharp and only cut the plant to about 2/3 of its original height; If the plant starts to die, divide it during the spring to early summer. This will allow more plants to grow. To prevent this plant from seeding, only cut the seed heads off during the early spring.

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Fox sedge is a perennial. It will come back year after year. This sedge will grow well in any condition. This sedge and will spread easily and is fast growing. This sedge will grow well in moist soils.