Giant Sequoia Trees

5th Dec 2012

Giant sequoia trees are behemoth trees that are native to California. They thrive most on wet, lush soil and are a common tourist attraction sites for state parks. Giant sequoia trees have a lifespan of 3,000 years which is why these trees and has been a strong part in Native American culture and history. It is rare to see giant sequoia trees outside the state of California since these trees are so gigantic and cannot be grown in many areas of the country. Also, there are homeowner’s associations and ordinances that would forbid the growing of giant sequoia trees. There is concern that these massive trees would topple over, but these giants are sturdy and have remained in place for thousands of years. If you have plenty of land, live in an isolated and do not have to abide restrictions and country codes then it is possible to grow giant sequoia trees outside of California.

The first thing you need is plenty of land. Do not grow giant sequoia trees if your yard is too small. If you live out of state of California head to the local nursery and find out how you can grow giant sequoia trees and where you can get them. There are online nurseries that can provide giant sequoia plants and seeds that can be shipped to your door. The hardest part when it comes to growing giant sequoia trees is to fine space and get the plant, but once that part is over, growing these beautiful trees is quite an easy process.

First you would need to decide if you want to grow from the seed or as a starter plant. Giant sequoia trees thrive well in direct sunlight, but try planting in a place that gets a good balance of sunlight and shade; sequoia seeds do not do well in direct sunlight. Clear any rocks or roots in order to make room for your seeds. Dig a hole twice as wide as the seed itself and plant in the ground. Seal any hair holes and make sure the soil is compact. Keep the soil moist by soaking the bottom area where the roots will grow. As the seed is growing, water lightly. Dig a small hole next to the growing tree to check on root quality. This will help in monitoring your tree, and if the roots are not growing then water until the roots until reaching a healthy level.

Purchase Trees from a dependable online nursery