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Goats Beard

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Goats Beard - Aruncus Dioicus Hardy Planting Zones- 3-7 Sun or Shade – Sun and Part Shade Mature Height - Up to 6' Mature Width- Up to 6' Bloom Season – Late Spring to Early Summer Gardener Status- Beginner

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Goats Beard – Aruncus Dioicus


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Goat's Beard - Arcunus Dioicus


Do not let the name of this plant fool you of its incredible glory. Native to Japan and North America it is a widespread plant to find in the wild or most homeowners gardens. This plant is a family member of the rose and is related to most perennials. Just like with most perennials, it is straightforward to grow and take care. Arceus Goat's Beard blooms in the late spring to early summer part of the year in which it adorns very tall, fluffy, white flowers. In turn, this allows it to brighten up any spot in the yard! Most homeowners like to use Goat's Beard as a centerpiece in island gardens, use it to cover a screened in area, or even in their backyard garden. The height of this plant is around 3-6 feet and about 6 feet across. So make sure that you are giving it plenty of space to grow. If you are located in the South, then this plant will grow beautifully in the shade then more sunny spots the more north you get. It should be planted in the afternoon shaded spaces if you are located in hotter areas. Goat's Beard is hardy in USDA Plant Hardiness zones 3-7. Please be aware that this plant likes to grow in well-drained moist soil. If the ground has too much clay in it or sand, make sure to add amendments to the soil before you plant. Another excellent advantage to this plant is that it is deer resistant! So you won't be attracting deer to your garden with this plant. If you do not want to put Goat's Beard in your garden, then you could quickly put it in containers for around the house or outside! This is a plant that is wonderful to others or solo.


It blooms in mid-spring with towering cream-colored flowers which shoot well above the plants low-line foliage. It is commonly found in moist woodlands and along bluffs and rocky pathways. With no insect or disease problems, goats Beard is an excellent filler plant in wet, shady areas. It is furthermore a beautiful enhancement to a woodland garden. Easy to grow, this shade and rabbit tolerant plant is a low maintenance addition to your home garden.