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Golden Fern

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Golden Fern - Acrostichum aureum is a golden and yellow fern. Hardy Zines 3-9, Height 2'

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Golden Fern

Planting a fern in your home or your garden can bring a simple addition to your garden with the right tools and guidance. If the Golden Fern is a plant you're looking to add to your home, here are some steps to keep your fern growing healthy for many years to come.

The Golden Fern is bright green with long, thin, and wavy leaves. It will stay a beautiful green if watered consistently throughout the season. Expect the plant fronds to grow between 18 and 24 inches long depending on the room it has for growth.

When planting outside, its highly advisable to live in a tropical or subtropical environment, as this fern is highly susceptible to even the smallest frost. Most planters who use greenhouses don't let it get below 40 degrees to be safe. Otherwise, they do well inside as long as they have enough sunshine and water. This fern requires a bit more sunshine than the average fern, but keep it well hydrated. Check the soil on a regular basis to make sure your ground is holding enough water for your fern.

Speaking of soil, the soil you should use for Golden Ferns are porous, rich in nutrients, and can hold moisture for long periods between waterings. Most gardeners recommend organic soil for ferns, and to add compost to new ground when you can. As a general tip with all ferns, put mulch over the soil or around the lining of the pot to help with keeping moisture in.