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Golden Privet Hedge

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golden privet hedge


A Fashionable Plant
A golden privet hedge is said, by many, to be a favorite plant with numerous grand offerings. It will provide privacy, added appeal to any garden space and so much more. It is considered to be semi-evergreen. It is typically evergreen, yet can lose all of its leaves. It will drop leaves when the winters are harsh or in some coastal spots. This plant or hedge is prevalent because it is such a fashionable hedge. The golden privet hedging will even screen off many eyesores in an area. They can be helpful dividers while adding structure to a garden. The golden privet hedge is fashionable and practical too. This plant can be viewed as a perennial shrub and will accent any landscape.

Helpful Tips
The first tip about a golden privet hedge is to be aware that it can be a fast-growing plant. It may be one of the fastest growing plants around. It is known, commonly, as a suburban landscape. There is an excellent time to prune a privet hedge. The timing of the pruning will be dependent on the actual age of the fence. A very young hedge ought to be pruned early in the spring. The pruning should be constant until the later part of summer. The established hedge will be pruned once they flower. This occurs in late spring. This fence will do well if it is watered weekly. Feeding this plant early in the spring and fall with fertilizer will show many benefits. Some choose organic fertilizer. Golden Privet is lovely when planted as a contrasting background of lilacs and other leaved shrubs.

A Vibrant Foliage
A golden privet hedge offers vibrant foliage with lovely creamy summer flowers. This vigorous evergreen provides beautiful scenery on any landscape. This is a fashionable plant worth exploring.