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Ground Fern Moss

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Ground Fern Moss- Thuidium delicatulum Hardy Planting Zones 1-9 Sun or Shade- Shade/Partial Shade Mature Height- 4-5 feet Mature Width- 5-6 feet Bloom Season- all year Gardener Status- Beginner

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Ground Fern Moss - Thuidium Delecatulum


Ground Fern Moss is a hardy moss that is naturally found on all of the continents, except for Antarctica understandably. It thrives easily and can grow to cover large areas, typically advancing four to five feet in a single year. The Ground Fern Moss is like this name because it produces small stalks which grow leaf-like structures resembling a common fern. How amazing to have the opportunity to spread this shorter gorgeous fern-impostor all over your yard or whichever area it is desired. It makes a great addition to regions with running or standing water such as streams and ponds, and also gardens for a magical fairy feel. With a mind of its own and muscles to boot, it expertly traverses lawns, walkways, paths, stones, wood surfaces, and can even be used to create ornamental topiary. Ground Fern Moss can soak up to twenty times its weight in water so flooding won't be a worry and it provides excellent insulation for your yard. It appreciates shade but can do all right in some sun as well. It adapts to various soil conditions and does not quickly fall prey to health issues, but if it does a proper watering can revive it to its natural lush, emerald green state. It should be kept moist until transplanted for best results and keeping it hydrated will help it to flourish and grow more quickly. Not only beautiful to look at, but it is also super soft beneath the feet and puts a new meaning to the term garden bed. It can even grow on patios or possibly even the patio furniture if that is what you truly want. The possibilities are endless with this Ground Fern Moss who may also be infinite in its growth and the splendor it provides to your vicinity.


Ground fern moss can be classified as both a fern and moss but tends to go in the direction more of moss because of its features. It can grow along the land at increasing speeds. The small tentacles as some call them to look similar to a fern but are still classified as moss. It has a thick, rich green color which can be seen year round even throughout the hardy, cold winter months they can again be seen with their vibrant green color. They grow along the ground but can be mowed over or trimmed down to create a more uniform look.